Adds BONE/SHIB Pair: SHIB Retests Key Resistance

• adds BONE/SHIB pair, SHIB retests key resistance
• Published April 6, 2023 at 2:00 PM GMT
• Shibarium’s BONE token is now listed on the platform Adds BONE/SHIB Pair has added a new trading pair to its platform – Bone ShibaSwap (BONE). This allows users to trade the BONE token of Shibarium on the platform and provides additional liquidity for the asset.

Key Resistance Tested by SHIB Token

The listing of BONE has also seen a key resistance test for the SHIB token, as it seeks to breach an all-time high against Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. The pair addition is expected to further increase trading activity in this asset and potentially drive prices higher in future trading sessions.

Shibarium’s BONE Token Listed on Platform

The listing of Shibarium’s BONE token is another milestone achieved by as they continue to expand their product offerings to include more tokens and coins from different blockchains and networks. This move is part of the company’s mission to make digital assets accessible to everyone around the world and provide users with greater liquidity options when trading these tokens.

Increased Trading Activity Expected

With the addition of this pair on, traders can expect increased activity in both assets as well as improved liquidity options for both assets across all platforms that support them. This should result in better price discovery over time, benefiting all investors who hold either token or plan on investing in either one in future sessions.


In conclusion, adding this new pairing between Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) and SHIB tokens will be beneficial for all participants involved – from traders looking for greater liquidity when buying or selling these tokens, as well as those who are holding either one as an investment option may experience better returns over time due to improved pricing discovery from increased trading volume facilitated by this pairing being available on’s platform