5 key points to understand your partnership with WordPress

The possibilities offered by the Blockchain technology and crypto coins are truly unlimited. Especially when it comes to empowering users, to take in their hands the monetization of the content they generate and consume. That’s why the Coil Web Monetization Plugin is so important, and why we bring you 5 key points to understand Ripple’s partnership with WordPress

1- The current business model

We started our review of the 5 key points to understand Ripple’s partnership with WordPress, with something we all know. It is well known that nowadays the Internet revolves around advertising.

This is the main source of income for web-based companies. Using the data of its users, to sell targeted and personalized advertising to businesses. Those who in this way can reach their target customers quickly and easily.

This model is not only used by large companies such as Facebook or Google. It is also the core of the business model of most WordPress based websites. Where creators try to generate interesting content, which attracts users, which will consume advertising leaving a profit to the creator of the content.

2- What is Coil?

Coil is a startup born in 2018, whose purpose is to generate a change in the Internet business model. Allowing creators to get alternative ways, like Ripple, to finance the creation of original content. At the same time, web users can reward their favorite creators for their content.

Thus, thanks to the different tools developed by Coil. The users of this platform can receive money for the visualizations of their creations by other Coil users. Taking out of the equation the collection and sale of personal data to generate advertising.

3- The role of Ripple

In this sense, Coil’s objectives are fully compatible with those of Ripple. Since its foundation, the crypto company has been dedicated to the creation of mechanisms to speed up financial transactions worldwide. Reducing waiting times and fees for the execution of cross-border payments. And therefore, empowering the poorest people to transfer their money across borders without problems.

Thus, at the end of the day both Coil and Ripple seek to break away from business models that take advantage of users. Allowing them to dispose of the product of their work more freely. Sharing it on the web and charging for it, or sending money wherever they want whenever they want.

4- Coil Web Monetization and Ripple

This is where the new plugin developed by Coil and compatible with Ripple comes in: The Coil Web Monetization. It can be integrated by WordPress users into their web pages, and allows content creators to charge a certain amount of money for blog views from other Coil users.

These payments can be made with Uphold, through a platform wallet

  1. Bitcoin Evolution
  2. Bitcoin Profit
  3. Bitcoin Trader
  4. Bitcoin Era
  5. The News Spy
  6. Bitcoin Revolution
  7. Bitcoin Billionaire
  8. Bitcoin Code
  9. Bitcoin Circuit
  10. Immediate Edge

integrated into the plugin, providing access to more than 50 currencies. Or through Ripple, allowing those who want to trade in cryptom currencies to do so.