Crypto Market Surges as Token Unlocks Trigger Bullish Rally

• The crypto market is experiencing a bullish trend, with some tokens exhibiting even greater growth.
• The trigger for this impressive rally is often the upcoming NFT or token unlock, where more tokens come into circulation.
• Examples of tokens that have seen impressive gains due to a token unlock include Aptos (APT), Moonbeam (GLMR), Axie Infinity (AXS), and dYdX (DYDX).

The crypto market is experiencing a surge in bullish sentiment, with the prices of some tokens climbing higher than ever before. Tokens such as Aptos (APT), which rose more than 450% in three weeks, and Moonbeam (GLMR), Axie Infinity (AXS), and dYdX (DYDX) which each doubled or nearly doubled their value over the same time, have been dominating headlines and garnering investor interest.

The trigger for this impressive rally is often the upcoming NFT or token unlock, where more tokens are released into circulation. This event is usually considered to be bearish as it increases the token supply, but for some tokens it has resulted in a surge in price.

One example is dYdX (DYDX), the governance token of the decentralized exchange dYdX. The asset increased by more than 128% in the first three weeks of the year, despite no announcements on the dYdX protocol upgrade, partnership, or other important news. The price surged on January 25, when it was announced that the token unlock would be postponed until December 1, 2023, resulting in a steep 52% u-turn in the asset’s price.

Another example is Ronin (RON), an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based blockchain for game developers. On January 27, 2023, 22.19 million RON tokens were unlocked, accounting for 2.2% of the token’s one billion total supply. The price of RON jumped by 25% in the three days before the scheduled token unlock, further contributing to its steady 180% growth in a month.

The impressive rallies in price seen before token unlocks suggest that investors are anticipating the increased liquidity and increased use cases that come with more tokens entering circulation. This is a positive sign for the crypto market and could result in further bullish sentiment in the coming weeks and months.

Celebrate Crypto’s Achievements at Decrypt Studios‘ Inaugural Crypties Awards

Bullet Point Summary:
• Decrypt Studios held the inaugural Crypties Awards gala in December 2022 at Art Basel in Miami.
• The evening was sponsored by multiple Crypto projects and featured an emcee and presenters.
• Live Events included onstage panels and interviews from conferences and summits such as Web Summit in Lisbon and 0xpo Summit in San Francisco.

In December 2022, Decrypt Studios will host the inaugural Crypties Awards gala at Art Basel in Miami. The Crypties will recognize the most innovative and groundbreaking projects in the crypto space, and provide a platform for celebrating their successes. The evening will be emceed by Josh Ostrovsky, popularly known as “The Fat Jewish”, and presenters from a range of crypto projects. The sponsors of the event will include Polygon, Filecoin Foundation, Lamina1, Async, BeetsDAO, The Gold Mask, Gem Set, Breakout, Anonymous, Infinite Objects, Ape Water, Decentralized Pictures, and Vault 721.

In addition to the Crypties Awards gala, Decrypt Studios will also host several live events throughout the year leading up to the award show. These events will include onstage panels and interviews from conferences and summits such as Web Summit in Lisbon and 0xpo Summit in San Francisco. During these events, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from some of the top innovators and founders in the space, and gain insight into their projects and successes.

The Crypties Awards show will provide a platform to celebrate the achievements of the amazing projects and individuals in the crypto space. It will be an evening of recognition and celebration, and a chance to come together to celebrate the progress that the industry has made over the past year.

Decrypt Studios is excited to bring together the crypto community for the first annual Crypties Awards and accompanying live events. This will be a unique opportunity for the industry to come together and recognize the hard work and achievements of the incredible innovators and projects in the space.

Raising Money in a Bear Market: Insights from the Crypto Community

Bullet Points:
• Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler spoke at 0xpo Crossroads in San Francisco about his Web3 origin story and Blocknative’s business.
• The Crypties 2022 awards gala was held in December at Art Basel in Miami, sponsored by several crypto projects.
• Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman and venture capitalists discussed raising money in a bear market at 0xpo Summit in San Francisco.

At 0xpo Crossroads in San Francisco, Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler sat down with Decrypt’s Jason Nelson to discuss his Web3 origin story and the business of Blocknative. This event was a great opportunity for the crypto community to learn more about Blocknative and their products. Matt spoke about the misconceptions in the crypto space and the challenges that Blocknative has faced.

The Crypties 2022 awards gala was held in December at Art Basel in Miami. This event was emceed by Josh Ostrovsky, better known as „The Fat Jewish,“ and was sponsored by several crypto projects. Nine awards were presented during the evening, with the categories ranging from best decentralization project to most innovative blockchain deployment.

At 0xpo Summit in San Francisco, Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman joined venture capitalists Clay Robbins of Slow Ventures, Soona Amhaz of Volt Capital, Sarah Guo of Conviction and formerly Greylock, and Alex Strzesniewski of AngelBlock to discuss raising money in a bear market. Decrypt’s Jason Nelson moderated the panel and the speakers discussed the challenges of raising money in a bear market, strategies for convincing investors, and the importance of having a strong team. The panel also discussed the possibilities of leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for gaming and the potential of Ethereum and sharding.

Overall, these events provided great opportunities for the crypto community to learn more about the space and to make connections with other industry leaders. The talks and panels provided insight into the current state of the crypto market, discussed strategies for raising money, and discussed the potential of blockchain technology. With events like these, the industry is sure to continue its growth and development.

Crypto and Blockchain Take Center Stage at Decrypt Studios‘ Events in 2022

• Decrypt Studios held the inaugural Crypties Awards gala in December 2022 at Art Basel in Miami.
• Phantom co-founder Francesco Agosti was featured at 0xpo Crossroads in San Francisco.
• Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman discussed their blockchain’s proof-of-stake mechanism at Web Summit in Lisbon.

At the end of 2022, Decrypt Studios held the first ever Crypties Awards gala at Art Basel in Miami. With host Josh Ostrovsky („The Fat Jewish“) and a range of presenters from different crypto projects, awards were given out in nine categories. The event was made possible by generous sponsors such as Polygon, Filecoin Foundation, Lamina1, Async, BeetsDAO, The Gold Mask, Gem Set, Breakout, Anonymous, Infinite Objects, Ape Water, Decentralized Pictures, and Vault 721.

In November, 0xpo Crossroads was held in San Francisco with Phantom co-founder Francesco Agosti as the featured guest. Jason Nelson of Decrypt sat down with Francesco to discuss the history of Phantom and what he’s looking forward to in the world of Web3.

At Web Summit in Lisbon, Decrypt’s Stephen Graves interviewed Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman about how their blockchain has been using a proof-of-stake mechanism since its inception, her admiration for Tendermint, Ethereum, and sharding, as well as her thoughts on progressive decentralization and NFT gaming.

Finally, at 0xpo Summit in San Francisco, Jason Nelson of Decrypt moderated a panel on raising venture money even during Crypto Winter. Guests included Clay Robbins of Slow Ventures, Soona Amhaz of Volt Capital, Sarah Guo of Conviction and formerly Greylock, and Alex Strzesniewski of AngelBlock.

The in-person and virtual events hosted by Decrypt Studios throughout the year provided an exciting opportunity for people in the crypto space to come together, share their knowledge and experiences, and discuss the possibilities of the future of blockchain. From the Crypties awards gala to the panels on raising venture money, these events offered valuable insight into the ever-evolving world of crypto and blockchain.

Bitcoin Trader Review 2022 – Overview

Bitcoin Trader is developed by Gary Roberts in the year 2017. It is a software for trading automated that permits traders to trade in a way that is automatic, such as purchasing and selling bitcoins with profitable profits, without scams unlike any other.

The whole Bitcoin Trader system runs on artificial intelligence-based algorithms. The most popular bitcoin trader application claims to perform trades automatically 0.01 seconds quicker than competitors, by observing the current market conditions. It removes the manual procedure of trading Bitcoins through an exchange, and thus attracts new traders to sign-up on the easy-to-use website and utilize the auto-trade function to take advantage of these lucrative investment opportunities. This is the way artificial intelligence is bringing enormous value to the cryptocurrency trading.

With the assistance from Bitcoin traders, it is possible to trade BTC and five different digital currency. It can earn up to $1300 in minimum profits daily for its investors with a minimum amount of $250. This confirms that it’s not fraudulent Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Trader is one of the most popular trading programs in the cryptocurrency world. Based on user review, Bitcoin Trader is mainly recognized by the 96% success rate. A majority of traders that are part of the crypto community suggest the platform as a good choice to trade cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Trader Review Summary

Rating 9/10
Exchange Type Bitcoin Robot
Founder Gary Roberts
Win Rate 96%
Legit or Fraud? Legit
Supported Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, LTC, and many more
Supported Fiats USD, Euro
Minimum Deposit $250
Trading Fees Free
Withdrawal Time 24Hrs
Mobile App No
Customer Support Phone, Email, Live Chat

It is quickly growing as a simple method for earning money. It also attracts students who are considering cryptocurrency trading as an excellent substitute for student loans. Student loan applications require a long time and come with a lot of hassles while trading in crypto is quick and quick.

In the countries in which Bitcoin Trader is not available traders have the option of CFD brokers. This is a viable option because CFDs are regulated and controlled through the Financial Conduct Authority. This Financial Conduct Authority ensures investor security and ensures that your funds don’t go into the unauthorised hands.

Bitcoin Trader App – Overview


Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Trader

There are many obvious advantages and disadvantages that are associated with Bitcoin Trader are discussed hereunder in greater detail.


Trading rules

This platform offers an established set of rules that traders must follow prior to initiating any transaction. The rules based on the conditions that traders are looking for, such as the minimum amount they would like to make or the minimum amount of profit they wish to earn in bitcoin, etc. If the rules are in line with the signals from trading the system will automatically initiate the trade. The traders can choose to utilize the default settings rather than setting their own trading adjustments based on their own criteria. After the rules are agreed upon by the traders the software analyzes trends in the market, provides an effective investment recommendation and then places an order on the basis of Bitcoin trade strategies. Bitcoin Trader is regarded to be among the top account managers for traders. It stands out from other account managers due to its sophisticated trading tools.

Improved Trading Speed

Time is a crucial element when it comes down to the outcome of trades. When trading manually, BTC trades can fall through before orders are put in place due to the high volatility in the cryptocurrency industry. It is true that the Bitcoin codes are a difficult to break. Even the most experienced traders can be confused by the signs and can lose money. It is best for traders to understand the Bitcoin code thoroughly prior to investing and to have a good strategy in their mind. The more adept you are to decipher the Bitcoin code correctly and correctly, the more likely you are to anticipate a good return.

It is the Bitcoin Trader software, when contrasted with other auto trading platforms is able to respond quicker even in the face of volatile market data. It can generate orders as soon as the pre-set trade requirements are satisfied. Every withdrawal request will be completed in just a few hours whereas other auto trade platforms have a longer wait time.

No Emotions

Thanks to the automation features of the trading platform that is automated it is impossible to allow for emotion in the cryptocurrency trading market. This is, in turn, a great help to traders adhere to their plans and remain determined in their choices. When the rules for trading are observed then the trade will be automatically initiated and the program doesn’t even ask questions about the trade. This is helpful for traders who are new to trading and are hesitant to withdraw from trading. It can help to break the tendency of selling and buying whenever they see an chance.

Multiple Trading

The process of managing multiple trades is complex and is not feasible for one person. This is why this software comes in, it is able to accomplish multiple tasks in minutes, and which is also extremely efficient without affecting the initial trading possibilities. Because professionals trading with several accounts, they are more inclined to use this Bitcoin Trader. With this robot for trading traders are able to test different strategies at the same time. This lets them disperse risk across multiple Bitcoin Trade accounts, ensuring that each account is not damaged.


It’s available for use at no cost. Verification is easy and completely uncomplicated and cost-free. All people have to do is fill up their accounts with the minimal Bitcoin trader account. Then, all the profits they earn are theirs entirely, with no any compensation for the company that created it.


Mechanical Failures

There is no way to be absolutely flawless. Even the best objects on surface have their drawbacks. Also, Bitcoin Trader has some flaws. While the premise behind the program appears straightforward (just sign up and fund your account by making small deposits, set the software using a certain rule, and watch it execute a order on behalf of you) However, in actuality this isn’t so simple, and trading can be unreliable. As with the platform, a trade may be stored on a computer, and it is not stored on the server meaning that the loss of internet connectivity could result in your trading falling significantly. There are however several bitcoin trading bots that are being introduced in the market that claim to limit this risk. The software isn’t available to iOS as well as Android users. U.S citizens aren’t able to use Bitcoin Trader. Bitcoin Trader app.

Monitoring Issues

Automated trading, however it is sounded, isn’t as straightforward as you might think, as it is easy to set up parameters and then leave for the whole day. But, it is a serious surveillance. It is due to the fact that there could be technical issues at any moment that could affect trades. As with connectivity issues, problems with the working browser or system power outage or even software bugs. There could be a possibility of problems that lead to incorrect orders , such as duplicate orders or orders not being delivered. So, a careful and thorough monitoring can help to find and fix these issues fast.

Bitcoin Trader Features

A few of the most important trading capabilities of this crypto robot are highlighted below.


On average the average Bitcoin Trader user earns around $1,300 per day according to user reviews posted on the website’s original site as well as elsewhere. However, for beginners, making this kind of money isn’t feasible initially because they’re not experienced and put less money into the risk of a scam. This is actually a wise choice. People who are more experienced, who invest more money, are able to earn more.

Withdrawals and Deposits

The process of withdrawing or depositing funds at Bitcoin Trader is very easy. Every withdrawal request is handled under a few hours, compared to other crypto robots which typically take several days. Making deposits is a breeze with this cryptocurrency robot. All the traders have to do is select any of the available payment options that are accessible and input their information, and then choose the amount they would like to deposit and then they’re completed. It is possible to pay with a credit card or debit card, their Bitcoin wallet, or any other cryptocurrency wallet. Any debit and credit card issued by any bank are accepted. Payments via the Bitcoin wallet as well as any type of crypto wallet is also accepted.


There are no hidden costs within Bitcoin Trader. There are no hidden costs in Bitcoin Trader. Therefore it is free of commissions or broker fees and registration is free.

Customers Services

The customer support team is accessible anytime by email or via live chat. They are available to answer all of your questions at any moment.


The funds in Bitcoin Trader Bitcoin Trader are channeled through an online stock brokering service that means that whenever traders are willing to invest in an the automated trading mode, their investment will be placed automatically on the digital assets using an online brokering system that backs these investments.

Bitcoin Trader Features


Benefits of Bitcoin Trader

The benefits of this bitcoin trading system are outlined in this article, which readers can to peruse before making an investment decision through this Bitcoin Trader. It is simple to use. This robot for trading is extremely simple to use and comes with user-friendly features. Even for the novice trader who just began trading online, this program would not seem difficult to usesince it comes with a few fundamental features, and the site is user-friendly.

  • Customer support online- The customer support team online is available 24/7. This allows all people across the globe to receive assistance when they require it most, no matter which nation you are from.
  • Demo feature- traders, particularly novices and those who are new to trading are the ones who find it most useful. There’s a lot to learn from this option that the trading robot gives. It’s also evident that the trading platforms that provide demo capabilities are more interested in helping their users earn more money instead of hiding their procedures. Furthermore, trading systems that include the ability to trade attract many more users to their platform to experience a an experience that simulates opening an account.
  • More efficient transactions – to earn more cash without being a victim of any fraud product within the crypto market It is essential that users are able to access an option that permits rapid transactions. This is precisely what Bitcoin Trader provides. In actual fact the fact is that with Bitcoin Trader, the robots perform faster and are extremely precise.

Testimonials and User Reviews

„The Bitcoin Trader is the most recent and popular new software that has come to market. It’s lightning-fast and accurate method of determining the ideal times to buy and sell Bitcoin as the most exciting market for financial trading in the present.“

„What a wonderful software Bitcoin Trader is ….It has a consistent accuracy… enough to secure financial independence… yea, totally legit, I believe you guy“.

Bitcoin Trader – Ratings given by Traders

Users of this Bitcoin Trader platform have claimed that the program allowed users to make thousands of dollars in revenue without being scammed. Many claim to have earned a staggering $100,000 within just two months. Before, that seemed too good to be real. However, with Bitcoin Trader being one of the most popular Bitcoin robots, it’s not anymore „too good to be true!“

Is the Bitcoin Trader Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Trader is a legit platform that is not a scam. However, there have been a lot of reports of Bitcoin Trader scams. But not one Bitcoin Trader scam news has been confirmed by any person. Don’t believe on all Bitcoin Trader scam news, since they are all fake. There are a lot of fraudulent platforms in the cryptocurrency space. If a robot for trading is genuine or is one of the scam platforms is contingent on a few factors. Since trading bots and software is fairly new to the market, people who are new are extremely resistant to accepting their functions. This is because of the human tendency to be a bit naive that requires a considerable amount of time to understand new concepts and adapt to new ideas. Bitcoin Trader is reviewed based on factors such as the registration process, the robot-like functionality, as well as the trust in financial transactions it gives to traders. It is a huge help to all investor, and any other prospective investor in establishing its legality. The following information was released in the aftermath of review of the Bitcoin Trader review.

  • Bitcoin Trader platform claims to offer a potential return that could be as high as 88 percent.
  • It is a free application and the trading app is highly functional. But there are some dangers in using auto-trading, which remain. In addition, Bitcoin Trader has received the highest quality certifications from some of the top antivirus firms as well as from the US Trading Association, which ensures that it is legal and safe.
  • Beginners can start trading with a small investment an extremely low fee of $250.

What is a Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader can be described as an automated trading bot that was released in 2017. Bitcoin Trader software makes it easier to trade in cryptocurrency through its trading functions that are automated and generate a significant profits from this. With this program, traders are not required to perform any manual trades and trades can be completed in just a few minutes, with high precision. There aren’t any unprofitable trades that have been reported the application that is what makes Bitcoin Trader tip the scale of being among the most popular and sought-after trading robots for crypto. It is a substitute for human effort which can take hours research and determining the most profitable investment. It can do exactly the same analysis in just a few minutes, and negates human effort.

On the other side of the spectrum there are risky market conditions for automated cryptocurrency which cannot be ignored even when a popular trading software such as that of Bitcoin Trader is used, because of the high volatility of the market for automated cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin Trader claims that Bitcoin Trader claims that this is a rare event but it is an opportunity, therefore traders must always be alert to recognize any unexpected circumstances.

How Do I Use a Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a very simple and user-friendly platform. The only thing you have to remember is that it operates independent of inputs from users and is not dependent on human inputs. Bitcoin Trader is a 100 100% fully automated platform for trading in cryptocurrency. Users only need to set up an account and make a deposit and they’re done for the first time. The human traders must spend only a few minutes per day deciding on the trade preferences they’d like to use and then enabling the auto-trading feature which will handle all the rest. It works exactly according to the setting made by human traders , being an investment and putting the trades the traders would like to place, making use of statistics and course progressions to make sure that the trades are exactly the way the traders want them to. Below are the steps that will be discussed about how to make use of Bitcoin Trader.

Registration and Opening an Account

Bitcoin Trader Registration


To register, traders have to sign up on Bitcoin Trader. Bitcoin Trader website whish is very user-friendly. The registration process begins by filling in the registration form, where traders have to enter the required contact information like complete name and current email address. The process of verification on the website is simple and takes only three steps. It is completely free of cost. Users are also not required to provide any type of bank statements, card information or any other personal information. A scan of IDs is required during the validation process.

When you hit“next“ and then click the „next“ button, you will be taken to the next step of website where you’ll need to enter your password. It must be longer than 6 characters. It must contain numbers and letters to ensure it is secure. The final step on the site requires you to choose your country, and then feed in your telephone number. After filling into all the details of the website, simply click“Register“ or „Register Now“ button and you’re completed. It will take less than 1 or 2 minutes.

Deposit Your Funds

Bitcoin Trader – Deposit your funds


Now you can access your account using login details. In order to begin trading live you must make the minimum deposit of $250. If you are a novice it is not recommended to make more than the amount. A trading fee that is calculated at a affordable interest cost is deducted from the profits that traders earn. Traders can be confident that the rate of interest for the fee for trading is low and there are no additional charges.

It is possible to make deposits using any method of payment, such as the credit card, or PayPal according to the trader‘ requirements. Payment gateways are highly secured for transactions online using SSL which prevents the loss of any financial data of the merchants.

Demo Trading

Bitcoin Trader – Demo Trading


Traders are able to trade in the demo mode with this software for trading. It is recommended that you dothis, particularly for new traders, as it lets them get the first-hand experience of what trading using real money. The demo account not just provides access to all of the trading functions that the site offer, but can also allow you to conduct trading using a demo account. When you’ve completed placing trades using the demo account and have built up a significant amount of confidence, you are able to begin trading with real money. Bitcoin Trader will give you the most satisfying trading experience like none other.


Bitcoin Trader Review – Trading


Before beginning to trade in real funds, it is recommended to modify the trading settings you wish to implement and the program will then act in accordance with the requirements you set within the settings. This is the amount of capital you would like to put into every trade and the maximum amount for each trade each day, the amount of profit you wish to make each day, etc. If you wish to set the currency pairs you would like to trade with, such as XRP/EUR, BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and so on.

Can I Trust a Bitcoin Trader?

We have thoroughly researched the auto trading system and concluded that Bitcoin Trader can be thoroughly reliable, and customers are able to invest confidently in Bitcoin Trader. We are confident that those who invest in Bitcoin Trader will certainly make an enormous profit without worry of becoming a victim of a fraudulent product. For those who are new to the market, they must be sure to make a small investment of money to begin with for the best experience.

The built-in trading capabilities of Bitcoin Trader can be trusted and are incredible. The system for paying out is extremely quick and very secure. This means that everyone can be sure to trust Bitcoin Trader and make more money in the process. We concluded that Bitcoin Trader offers its investors with more winnings because it has a success rate of 96 percent, which is extremely high. We observed that the rate was constant throughout the time when we evaluated the method. This means that investors will earn a good return on investment due to its high winning rate.

Bitcoin Trader Review : Is it a reliable service?


Is Bitcoin Trader Safe to Use?

It is true that Bitcoin Trader is absolutely secure to use. Based on the Bitcoin Trader Review that can be concluded the fact that Bitcoin Trader is legit and extremely precise. It has a high success rate of 96% which has led to several users stating that they could make substantial profits using the application. To be exact traders have reported approximately $1500 using this program with no scams.

Does Bitcoin Trader have the privilege of endorsements from celebrities?

Bitcoin Trader has been associated with a variety of celebrities, and numerous news sites reported celebrities praising the platform. However, the information provided from news outlets was later proven to be false and an untrue marketing strategy.

There are rumors of this bot in television shows, like the Dragon’s Den show on tv and other celebrities who might have a connection to it such as Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk as well as Peter Jones. Elon Musk was believed to have made investments in it. This information about Bitcoin Trader and Elon Musk was later proved to be untrue. There was some information reported regarding Bitcoin Trader and Peter Jones according to which he purchased a 20% share in the platform, but this isn’t the truth. This Bitcoin Trader and Dragon’s Den connection was just an untrue piece of information.

An Australian business billionaire Andrew Forrest was also associated with Bitcoin Trader. The stories about Andrew Forrest and Bitcoin Trader were bogus and merely an advertising strategy.

There were also ads that appear to be judges from Shark Tank which aired on Channel Ten. The eminent judge on Shark Tank Steve Baxter clarified on Twitter that the ads were a „scam.“

There were reports of a possible collaboration among Dragon’s Den and Bitcoin Trader. But, it was later discovered to be a mere speculation. The founder RedBalloon’s founder RedBalloon, Naomi Simson who was also a part of the TV cast of the show, denied this via her social media account and requested that people notify her whenever they came across such ads. Therefore, Bitcoin Trader hasn’t had any endorsement from a celebrity until now.


While this app can provide large profits, without any scam and even novice users are able to profit from the trial features which the application offers however, it is not able to be claimed as the most secure option for an online cryptocurrency trading platform. This is due to the conditions of the crypto market which can change at any time. This is why, for new traders, in particular the novices, it is recommended to be aware of market’s news and begin with a small amount that is $250. It is recommended that traders begin with their demo account and then use their demo balance to master the basics of trading online. Once they have mastered the techniques, they can begin to trade using real money. However, the risk of losing money is inherent in online trading.

Because it is the case that Bitcoin Trader app is not compatible with IOS and Android devices If there is a issues with your operating browser it is not recommended to initiate auto trading. Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, that is susceptible to uncertainty and changes every now and then These crypto trading systems are not able to protect traders from the uncertainties. Therefore, traders must do their own research prior to investing in these crypto trading robots. They must also be sure of the amount they are able to invest, and ensure they only invest that amount to avoid large losses.

Wrap Up

In closing, it is to be remembered that there isn’t a single thing that claims that it is 100% each and every time. It is the same for one of the top crypto trading robots. Since the risk of losing money is part of the human condition. Read reports, market news and analyses to stay up to date with current events and invest with care. Bitcoin trader is a Bitcoin trader platform allows traders to stay consistently consistent with automated trading, however it is not meant to be used as an alternative to meticulously performing cryptocurrency trading because technological failures could occur at anytime, and make trading a mess.


1: Is Bitcoin Trader safe?

Answer Yes, the website is completely secured by one of the top security firms SSL and other compatible brokers. It has been thoroughly verified and completely safe to use. It is not an untrue broker.

2: Is Bitcoin Trader a con?

Answer: No according to our reviews, users are earning thousands of dollars profits without any fraud making use of this platform.

3. How do I open an account with Bitcoin Trader?

For opening an account with a trader, they have to fill out the registration form with the basic information about themselves, such as names, emails addresses, and contact number. There is no requirement for divulging statement from your bank, card numbers or any other personal information. However, an ID scan must be needed before traders can begin trading.

4: What revenue can I earn each day with The Bitcoin Trader?

Answer: By taking advantage of the platform you could make a minimum of $1300 every day with any fraud bitcoin.

Recenzja Quantum AI pomaga odkryć usługę wymiany walut bez oszustw

Usługa ta ma tendencję do bycia wiodącą w handlu Bitcoinami denominowanymi w USD. Recenzja Quantum AI pomoże klientom sprawdzić niezawodność, bezpieczeństwo, rentowność i inne cechy usługi. Po krótkiej recenzji giełdy Quantum AI należy zauważyć, że usługa jest oparta na technologiach Hong-Kongu i założona przez Raphaela Nicolle. Nie oznacza to, że fizycznie znajduje się w Hong-Kongu, ale działa online z tysiącami klientów i transakcji na całym świecie.

Warto wspomnieć, że serwis oferuje różne opcje handlowe, w tym lewarowane, które są możliwe do 3,3 razy. Inną pozytywną cechą Quantum AI opinie jest jego spekulacyjne tokeny, które mogą być używane do uczestnictwa, a także wymiany Bitcoin. Ważne jest, aby wspomnieć, że BFX ma najbardziej atrakcyjny wolumen spośród wszystkich giełd BTC. Odkąd Ludowy Bank Chin zmusił chińskie giełdy Bitcoin do zmiany kosztów transakcyjnych, giełda Quantum AI stała się tą z najnowszym wolumenem.

Jak kupować i handlować monetami?

Zanim dowiemy się, jak kupować na Quantum AI, użytkownicy muszą się zarejestrować. Jest kilka rzeczy, o których należy wspomnieć. Jeśli już wiesz, co to jest Quantum AI, ważne jest, aby potwierdzić kilka ważnych informacji. Porównując Quantum AI z binance, serwis jest nastawiony tylko na profesjonalnych użytkowników. Nie ma opcji dla tych, którzy są nowicjuszami w handlu. Nie próbuj szczęścia, jeśli nie jesteś biegły w handlu monetami i tokenami, ponieważ nie jest to to samo, co handel pieniędzmi fiat. Kolejną ważną informacją jest minimalna kwota depozytu, która wynosi 10 000 USD lub ekwiwalent w kryptowalucie.

Wszystkie funkcje i opcje handlowe zostaną zablokowane, jeśli minimum nie zostanie spełnione. Recenzje Quantum AI również napotkały na fakt, że proces weryfikacji może trwać ponad sześć tygodni. Oznacza to, że wypłaty i depozyty są dostępne tylko po procesie weryfikacji konta. Opcja depozytu oferuje wiele kryptowalut i dolarów amerykańskich. Procedura jest łatwa do przeprowadzenia w ramach konta osobistego.

Jak wypłacić pieniądze z Binfinex

Liczne recenzje Quantum AI udowodniły, że warto mieć monety Tether (TUSD). W tej chwili jeden TUSD równa się jednemu USD na dowolnym koncie handlowym BFX. Dostępnych jest wiele innych tokenów, w tym Ethereum, Ripple, Neo, Bcash i wiele innych. Jeśli Twoja lokalna waluta różni się od dolarów, ułatwi to osiąganie zysków i uczyni je bezpieczniejszymi. Kod polecający Quantum AI umożliwia dodatkową wpłatę na Twoje konto. To, co sprawia, że serwis jest bezpieczny i godny zaufania, to wypłaty przelewem bankowym. Nie ma innych i w rzeczywistości lepszych opcji osiągania zysków. Zachęca to nas, mieszkańców Quantum AI, do korzystania z usługi bez żadnego ryzyka. Dziś tylko kilka platform oferuje gotówkę jako zysk z handlu.

Niestety, przelew bankowy jest powolny i może trwać nawet do siedmiu dni. Istnieje opcja ekspresowej wypłaty Quantum AI, która kosztuje 1% (minimum 20$). Należy pamiętać, że wypłata bitcoinów może potrwać jedną lub dwie godziny. Przedstawiciele serwisu obiecują, że trwa to do dwunastu godzin. Nie ma limitów wypłat Quantum AI, chociaż klienci mogą doświadczyć niespodzianek ze strony banków. Opłaty są tanie dla następujących tokenów ICO: Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Ripple, OmiseGO, Iota, EOS, Santiment, Bitcoin Gold, Bcash, NEO, Monero Metaverse ETP, Qtum, Dash, Aventus i EDO.

Bitcoin Profit – qu’est-ce que cela signifie ?

Le bitcoin a été la première monnaie numérique à connaître un essor fulgurant et à faire de nombreux utilisateurs des millionnaires pour la première fois, notamment lors de l’engouement de 2017. Depuis cette époque, le trading de crypto-monnaies a non seulement été pris au sérieux, mais certains traders en ont même fait leur métier à plein temps.
Mais le trading, et donc le fait de gagner de l’argent, exige des compétences analytiques et techniques que peu de personnes possèdent. Il faut également un certain temps pour comprendre et apprendre les détails afin que le trading soit couronné de succès. C’est pourquoi des robots de trading comme Bitcoin Profit sont devenus des auxiliaires de trading indispensables.


Bitcoin Profit – qu’est-ce que cela signifie ?

Avec Bitcoin Profit, un logiciel de trading de cryptomonnaies non seulement gratuit mais aussi automatique a vu le jour, qui aide non seulement les professionnels mais aussi les débutants à augmenter leurs gains. Pour ce faire, l’investisseur est initialement connecté à des bourses. Ensuite, des indicateurs de marché spécifiques permettent de déterminer les mises de jeu d’une crypto-monnaie choisie.
Sur le site officiel, on peut lire que ce logiciel a 0,01 seconde d’avance sur le marché. Cela signifie que si le prix change à 14h00, le bot sera déjà affiché à 13h59.

Caractéristiques et fonctionnement

###Numéros de code###

Bitcoin Profit – qui se cache derrière ?

Il est impossible de savoir qui a développé Bitcoin Profit. Cela n’a toutefois aucune influence sur le fonctionnement du logiciel. Celui-ci utilise des algorithmes avancés pour que les transactions puissent être placées automatiquement au nom de l’investisseur. Les courtiers qui se trouvent derrière sont tous réglementés et très sérieux. En cas de besoin, des conseils et de l’aide sont proposés.

###3 étapes###

Avis sur Bitcoin Profit

Il ne m’est jamais venu à l’idée de gagner un jour autant d’argent. Pendant 20 ans, j’ai travaillé dans un bureau et j’ai gagné plus d’argent en faisant du trading que pendant les deux décennies précédentes. En fait, je n’étais pas en mesure de prendre ma retraite, mais j’ai été contraint de le faire. Grâce à Bitcoin Profit, j’ai maintenant beaucoup moins de soucis financiers. De plus, j’ai plus de temps à disposition pour faire toutes ces choses que j’aime vraiment.

Avantages et inconvénients

Gratuit : aucun frais de transaction ou de commission n’est facturé.
Sérieux : Les traders ont décerné de nombreuses distinctions à Bitcoin Profit comme l’un des meilleurs logiciels de trading de cryptomonnaies.
Même sans expérience : le bot n’utilise que des algorithmes sophistiqués pour effectuer des transactions au nom du trader.
Compte de démonstration : Bitcoin Profit propose un compte de démonstration gratuit qui permet aux débutants de s’exercer aux réglages nécessaires. Cela est recommandé à tous les débutants avant d’utiliser de l’argent réel.

Limitation du courtier : l’investisseur ne peut pas choisir un courtier comme il le souhaite. Le bot s’en charge automatiquement. Mais tous les courtiers sont sérieux et réglementés.

Conclusion :

L’évaluation du test a montré que Bitcoin Profit est un bot très sérieux pour le trading de cryptomonnaies et l’un des meilleurs de surcroît.
Le trading de crypto-monnaies se révèle de plus en plus exigeant, car de plus en plus de facteurs apparaissent et le marché est très complexe. Les investisseurs devraient choisir un robot de trading qui suit le rythme de l’industrie et qui est aussi vieux que le bitcoin lui-même. Nous recommandons donc aux investisseurs de tester Bitcoin Profit via un navigateur ou d’utiliser une application mobile.
Avec le dépôt minimum de 250 euros, on obtient une très bonne somme pour le premier dépôt. En outre, Bitcoin Profit offre non seulement une plateforme de cryptomonnaies complète, mais aussi fiable. Comme le bot fonctionne parfaitement, il a obtenu de très bons résultats dans les rapports de test, ce qui est mérité. La plupart des traders ont ainsi obtenu d’excellents résultats.

Quelle est l’image de Bitcoin Profit par rapport aux autres bots ?

En raison de ses fonctionnalités, Bitcoin Profit propose une offre unique. Le logiciel présente une bien meilleure image que les autres bots.
C’est pourquoi Bitcoin Profit peut être recommandé sans hésitation.

Bitcoin Future mit Margin-Handel

Beim Margin-Handel leihen sich Händler Geld von einer Börse oder anderen Händlern, um ihr Kapital zu hebeln. Mit anderen Worten, der Margin-Handel ermöglicht es den Nutzern, Positionen einzugehen, die größer sind als ihr eigenes Kapital, zum Beispiel eine Position im Wert von 2 BTC einzugehen, indem sie 1 BTC als Margin einsetzen.

Der Margenhandel ist riskant und nichts für Neulinge. Während sich Ihre Gewinne verstärken, wenn Sie die Richtung des Marktes richtig vorhersagen, können sich die Verluste sehr schnell summieren, wenn sich der Markt gegen Sie entwickelt.

Um mit Bitcoin Future auf Margin zu handeln, müssen Sie auf einen KYC-Prozess (Know Your Customer) durchlaufen, während Händler aus den Vereinigten Staaten, Japan, Kanada und Südkorea den Bitcoin Future-Marginhandel nicht nutzen können, unabhängig davon, ob sie KYC machen oder nicht.

Gehen Sie zu Ihrem Bitcoin Future-Konto-Dashboard, wählen Sie die Registerkarte „Margin“ und klicken Sie auf „Eröffnen Sie Ihr Margin-Konto“. Wenn Ihr Konto noch nicht verifiziert ist, werden Sie aufgefordert, den KYC-Prozess zu starten.

Sobald Sie einen Margin-Handel durchführen möchten, müssen Sie Geldmittel von Ihrem regulären Wallet auf Ihr Margin-Wallet übertragen.

Sobald die Gelder in Ihrer Margin-Wallet landen, können Sie sie als Sicherheit verwenden, um Kryptowährung für den Handel zu leihen. Bei Bitcoin Future ist das größte Verhältnis, zu dem Sie Geld leihen können, 3:1 (z. B. können Sie 2 BTC leihen, wenn Sie 1 BTC als Sicherheit hinterlegen).

Sie können die Kryptowährung auswählen, die Sie leihen möchten, indem Sie auf die Schaltfläche „Leihen/Rückzahlen“ klicken. Legen Sie den Betrag fest, den Sie leihen möchten, und klicken Sie auf „Leihen bestätigen“. Ihr Margin-Darlehen unterliegt einem Zinssatz, der angezeigt wird, wenn Sie den Betrag festlegen, den Sie leihen möchten.

Achten Sie auf Ihre Marge, denn wenn sie unter 1,1 fällt, verlieren Sie Ihre Sicherheiten. Bei 1,3 erhalten Sie eine Nachschussforderung, was bedeutet, dass Sie entweder zusätzliche Mittel als Sicherheit hinterlegen oder einen Teil Ihres Kredits zurückzahlen müssen. Nachfolgend die Formel zur Bestimmung Ihres Margenniveaus:

Margenniveau = Gesamtwert der Aktiva / Gesamtbetrag des Kredits + Gesamtbetrag der aufgelaufenen Zinsen

Häufig gestellte Fragen

F: Kann man auf Bitcoin Future leerverkaufen? Wie kann man das tun?
A: Ja, seit kurzem hat Bitcoin Future den Bitcoin Future Margin-Handel eingeführt. Mit dieser Option können Sie auch Bitcoin auf Bitcoin Future leerverkaufen. Wenn Sie glauben, dass Bitcoin sinkt, können Sie die Bitcoin Future-Margin-Option nutzen, um BTC zu leihen und sie für eine andere Münze zu verkaufen, zum Beispiel Tether. Wenn Sie richtig lagen, können Sie dann Bitcoin zu niedrigeren Preisen zurückkaufen, die geliehenen Münzen zurückzahlen und den Gewinn behalten.
F: Kann man auf Bitcoin Future long gehen? Wie kann man das tun?
A: Ja, das können Sie. Wenn Sie vorhersagen, dass Bitcoin oder ein anderer Altcoin steigen wird, können Sie den Margin-Handel nutzen, um darauf zu setzen (wenn er auf Bitcoin Future Margin unterstützt wird). Sie leihen sich einfach eine andere Münze, kaufen die Münze, die Sie als Long-Position eingehen möchten, und warten, bis der Preis steigt. Wenn der Kurs steigt, können Sie die Münze, die Sie long gekauft haben, verkaufen, die geliehenen Münzen zurückzahlen und den Gewinn behalten.

Die Zukunft von DeFi ist über mehrere Blockchains verteilt

Da der dezentralisierte Raum in rasantem Tempo wächst, müssen sich Projekte an die Multichain-Zukunft anpassen oder riskieren, irrelevant zu werden.

Die Zukunft von DeFi ist über mehrere Blockchains verteilt

Ethereum (ETH), das lange Zeit im Schatten von Bitcoin (BTC) stand, eroberte schließlich im Jahr 2020 während des dezentralen Finanzsommers den Markt. DeFi wurde entwickelt, um traditionelle Finanzsysteme mit weniger Mittelsmännern nachzubilden, und wird nun bei der Kreditvergabe, der Kreditaufnahme und dem Kauf und Verkauf von Token eingesetzt. Die meisten dieser dezentralen Anwendungen (DApps) werden auf Ethereum ausgeführt, wo die Aktivität im Netzwerk im Jahr 2020 zunahm. Diese Aktivität stieg auch aufgrund von Yield Farming, auch bekannt als Liquidity Mining, das es den Inhabern ermöglicht, mit ihrem Kryptokapital Belohnungen zu generieren. In Bitcoin investieren 2021 ist zunehmend beliebter geworden.

Doch mit der zunehmenden Aktivität auf Ethereum stiegen auch die Transaktionsgebühren des Netzwerks. Im Mai wurde berichtet, dass die Ethereum-Gasgebühren in die Höhe geschossen sind. Es liegt auf der Hand, dass sich der Einsatz von DeFi nur lohnt, wenn man mit Kapital handelt, das die Netzwerkgebühren übersteigt. Folglich wurde den Nutzern bald klar, dass die Blockchain an der Grenze zur Unbrauchbarkeit stand.

Zweifellos ist Ethereum nach wie vor die aktivste und am meisten genutzte Blockchain, aber es tauchen auch andere potenzielle Akteure auf, die eine brauchbare Alternative zu Ethereum darstellen. So ziehen beispielsweise Layer-1-Protokolle wie Binance Smart Chain (BSC) und Solana (SOL) Milliarden an verwalteten Vermögen an, während Layer-2-Lösungen wie Polygon (MATIC) aufgrund ihrer Kompatibilität mit Ethereum-basierten Protokollen die Aufmerksamkeit der verärgerten Ethereum-Nutzer auf sich ziehen. Außerdem bieten sie niedrige Gebühren und schnelle Transaktionsgeschwindigkeiten. Obwohl die Ethereum-Gasgebühren im letzten Jahr einen Höchststand erreicht haben und schnellere Netzwerke entstanden sind, hat bisher keine dieser Ketten Ethereum getötet.

Aus diesem Grund beginnt sich in der zweiten Hälfte des Jahres 2021 das Narrativ „Ethereum gegen den Rest“ zu ändern – Entwickler erkennen den Wert einer kettenübergreifenden Zukunft, anstatt sich für eine Blockchain entscheiden zu müssen. Es geht nicht mehr darum, eine Kette mit einem Wettbewerbsvorteil zu schaffen, sondern sicherzustellen, dass alle Ketten austauschbar arbeiten können, um die Branche zu verbessern.

Vor- und Nachteile einer Multichain-Zukunft

Aufgrund seiner Bekanntheit und langjährigen Marktpräsenz hat Ethereum den First-Mover-Vorteil und bleibt die bedeutendste Blockchain innerhalb des DeFi-Ökosystems im ersten Quartal 2021. Da jedoch andere Chains an Dynamik gewinnen, sind es diese Alternativen zu Ethereum, die die Vorteile schnellerer Transaktionsgeschwindigkeiten und deutlich niedrigerer Gebühren bieten.

Die Einführung anderer Chains ist nicht unbedingt eine schlechte Sache, selbst für Ethereum-Fans. Schließlich bietet ein Multichain-Ökosystem zusätzlichen Raum für neue Protokolle, die jeweils eine starke Nutzerbasis haben. Jede neue Kette schafft auch eine neue Gemeinschaft, freie Stellen für Dienstleistungen und eine eigene Identität und Kultur.

Ein möglicher Nachteil ist, je nach Betrachtungsweise, dass einige Blockchains einzigartige Programmiersprachen wie JavaScript, Rholang, Simplicity, Rust oder Solidity erfordern, was für Entwickler eine Einstiegshürde darstellen kann. Gleichzeitig können verschiedene Programmiersprachen Entwicklern aber auch einen neuen Weg zur Lösung eines Problems bieten. Und da sich der Blockchain-Bereich weiter in Richtung Multichain bewegt, kann dies Entwickler zu neuen Ideen und Innovationen inspirieren, da sie die Vielfalt der realisierbaren Blockchain-Projekte sehen. Aus diesem Grund könnten Projekte, die nicht innovativ sind, als rückständig angesehen und von ihrer Gemeinschaft aufgegeben werden.

Nicht nur das, getrennte Blockchains schaffen Innovationssilos, die den Fortschritt und die Akzeptanz erschweren. Das Zusammenführen der Multichain-Zukunft kann als nahtlose Verbindung dieser spezialisierten Gruppen angesehen werden. Dies könnte in der traditionellen Tech-Welt als ein schwer zu erreichendes Ziel angesehen werden, aber Kryptowährung und Blockchain stellen diese bestehenden Infrastrukturmonopole in Frage, und diese Branche hat die Fähigkeit, ein Ökosystem zu schaffen, das zusammenhängend und nicht konkurrierend arbeitet.

Mehr Blockchains, mehr Wert

Es ist unvermeidlich, dass Projekte irgendwann mehrere Blockchains miteinander verbinden werden, um die Übertragung von Informationen von einer Kette zur anderen nahtlos zu gestalten. Tatsächlich ist der Kryptowährungsmarkt und die Einführung von Multichains weniger ein Nullsummenspiel als oft behauptet wird. Und je offensichtlicher die Multichain-Zukunft wird, desto deutlicher wird, dass die zusätzlichen Funktionen, die Benutzerfreundlichkeit und die Skalierbarkeit, die sie mit sich bringen, zum Onboarding neuer Nutzer beitragen.

Anstatt die Existenz einer Multichain-Zukunft mit Zweifeln zu betrachten, sollte sie positiv gesehen werden. Es gibt viele verschiedene Smart-Contract-Plattformen im Krypto-Ökosystem, die alle einen Einfluss auf den Blockchain-Raum in Bezug auf Zugänglichkeit, wirtschaftliche Lebensfähigkeit und Innovation haben. Blockchains mögen im Moment noch getrennt sein, aber am Ende wird alles zusammenkommen und ein interoperables und schnelles Netzwerk von Protokollen schaffen, das unsere täglichen Bedürfnisse erfüllt. Das Schöne daran ist, dass wir uns keine Gedanken darüber machen müssen, wie oder womit wir Transaktionen durchführen, da dies keine Rolle spielen wird.

Wir sind noch weit davon entfernt, das Endziel der Interoperabilität zu erreichen, aber sobald die Massenakzeptanz erreicht ist, wird die Kryptoindustrie nicht mehr aufzuhalten sein. Und während der Sektor weiter wächst, stellen Projekte fest, dass sie sich bald an eine Multichain-Zukunft anpassen müssen oder riskieren, zurückgelassen zu werden.

Walvisclusters suggereren dat dit belangrijke Bitcoin-niveau een explosieve rally kan veroorzaken

Bitcoin-walvisclusters tonen $ 57.046 en $ 60.045 zijn de cruciale ondersteunings- en weerstandsniveaus op korte termijn.

De prijs van Bitcoin ( BTC ) probeert het weerstandsniveau van $ 60.000 te doorbreken na meer dan een week van variëren.

Walvisclusters laten zien dat $ 57.046 en $ 60.045 op korte termijn de cruciale steun- en verzetsgebieden zijn.

Met andere woorden, de kans op een sterke uitbraak in de nabije toekomst zou aanzienlijk toenemen als Bitcoin Method boven $ 57.046 blijft en de weerstand van $ 60.000 blijft testen.

Waarom walvisclusters belangrijk zijn voor Bitcoin

Walvisclusters ontstaan ​​wanneer vermogende investeerders Bitcoin tegen een bepaalde prijs kopen of verkopen en hun bezit daarna niet meer verplaatsen.

Als zodanig dient een walvisclusterondersteuning doorgaans als een sterk macro-ondersteuningsgebied voor Bitcoin, omdat walvissen de neiging hebben om meer te kopen wanneer BTC daalt tot een niveau waarop ze in eerste instantie BTC kochten.

Aan de andere kant zou een weerstandsgebied van een walviscluster waarschijnlijk standhouden als verkoopgebied, omdat walvissen eerder zullen wachten tot hun break-evenprijs om hun posities te verkopen.

Volgens onderzoekers van Whalemap zijn de twee belangrijkste weerstandsniveaus voor Bitcoin op korte termijn $ 60.045 en $ 61.062. Woensdag merkten de onderzoekers op :

“$ BTC is terug. Perfect stuiterend van walvissteunen tot nu toe. Dit is een goed teken: in berentrends werken walvisweerstanden beter dan ondersteuningen en vice versa voor stierentrends. Walvisondersteuning is nu weer actief, wat betekent dat de trend is verschoven. April zou best leuk moeten zijn. “

Sindsdien varieert en consolideert de prijs van Bitcoin zich tussen het weerstandsniveau en de ondersteuning van $ 57.000

Op basis van deze trend voegden de onderzoekers eraan toe dat dit de stilte voor de storm zou kunnen zijn, vooruitlopend op een piek in de volatiliteit van Bitcoin, die momenteel op het laagste niveau is sinds november 2020. Ze schreven:

“De strijd om het ondersteunend verzet is intens. De niveaus van vorige week werken redelijk goed. Bitcoin wordt afgetopt door het niveau van $ 60.045, behoorlijk goed. Is dit de stilte voor de storm? “

Het sentiment van handelaren over Bitcoin is gemengd

Volgens de pseudonieme handelaar die bekend staat als Byzantijnse generaal, raakt de Bitcoin-futuresmarkt extreem oververhit.

De derivatenmarkt stijgt, terwijl het financieringspercentage voor BTC-futures consequent boven de 0,12% uitkomt.

Gemiddeld is het standaardfinancieringspercentage van Bitcoin 0,01%, dus de markt is ongeveer 12 keer oververhit. De handelaar zei :

‚Dit ziet er nogal slecht uit tbh. Een goede spoeling zou een zegen zijn. „